Italian cheese and dairy products: Murgella

Cheese, mozzarella and burrata production

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Caseificio Palazzo prosegue in sicurezza la propria attività produttiva.

Original, healthy and simple ways to use the Murgella cheese for cooking.

Our New Burrata for pre-packed line

The re-branding process started in 2020 continues with the launch of two new packs for Murgella’s pre-packed line. With their handy format, the attractive geometric packaging with essential …

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Murgella Travel Box

The Murgella Travel Box project started from the partnership between a young Apulian startup - Puglia Food Box - and the historical Caseificio Palazzo which produces Murgella branded cheeses.

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Since 1957, Caseificio Palazzo has been producing, under Murgella brand, high quality Italian cheeses using carefully selected ingredients.

For three generations, the family Palazzo has been offering typical Puglia and Italian cheeses that are the authentic expression of the local gastronomic culture, the one of Murgia barese, always focused on the nutritional values and controlled production processes.

Thanks to the high quality ingredients, our Puglia caseificio offers best Italian cheeses and mozzarella. Our caseificio relies on numerous traditional recipes that use local ingredients, such as milk, and offer the perfect balance between simplicity and taste. In hour humble opinion, the best Italian cheese.

The most efficient production techniques, the use of local milk and the formation of curds through the use of whey starter culture allow us to offer you the most typical Puglia cheese, full in nutritional values and characterized by exceptional taste and softness.

The beautiful Murgia, right in the heart of Puglia region, is the perfect environment for the pasture-raised milk, used for the best Italian cheese, following strict quality and most advanced standards.

Our Caseificio Palazzo is proud of Murgella and its products. It’s a perfect balance between local traditions and innovations. Best Italian cheeses come from here, thanks to the use of high quality local ingredients and efficient processes.

Murgella cheeses selection will surprise you, starting from stretched-curd cheeses, including mozzarella, scamorza, burrata, caciocavallo D.O.P., stracciatella and ricotta. Our caseificio uses only fresh and accurately selected ingredients, to produce the most authentic and high quality Italian cheeses.

Italian cheeses are a real product of excellence that represent local traditions and culinary history.