Burrata: the best Italian burrata cheese

Murgella's burrata, the typical Italian taste

Burrata: the best Italian burrata cheese

Appreciated all over the world, burrata is a fresh and stretched-curd cheese with a very soft and creamy texture. It comes from the province of Bari, where it has been produced since the very first decades of the Nineteenth century, and it’s one of the most traditional regional products. Burrata has been produced in the area called Murgia since then.

Burrata is a stretched-curd cheese, very similar to mozzarella, but with a creamier texture and a different appearance. Burrata is manually produced, by filling its outer shell with a creamy mix of mozzarella ribbons and cream, known as stracciatella.

Burrata cheese is a perfect ingredient for all sorts of culinary experiments. Thanks to its manual production process, Murgella burrata cheese is one of the best cheese products offered by Caseificio Palazzo. Thanks to its creamy heart, burrata is a real product of Italian excellence.

Burrata cheese is perfect on its own or if accompanied by a crispy bruschetta. Our burrata cheese is also a great ingredient for the most sophisticated dishes and for fillings of fresh pasta, for the ultimate flavour experience.

Smoked burrata is a variant of the traditional burrata pugliese. The smoking gives a typical smoky flavour to the outer layer of the burrata in contrast with the sweet and creamy inside.

Truffle burrata is great for the most sophisticated recipes, mint burrata is perfect for those who love original flavours, while chives burrata is for those who are looking for unusual and daring mix.

Caseificio Palazzo has been producing fresh burrata cheese for years, with dedication and passion for the unique traditions of its region, to make burrata the absolute hit in each regional dish.

Murgella burrata is a typical Puglia and italian dairy product that combines ultimate freshness and authentic flavours that would impress everyone at the very first bite.