Italian Hard Cheese: Formaggi Stagionati Italiani

Typical Italian hard cheese

Italian Hard Cheese: Formaggi Stagionati Italiani

Italian culinary literature is full of different types of cheese manufacturing and aging processes.

That is why there is a huge variety of choice in order to satisfy any kind of palate, from the most delicate to the most demanding ones. Italian aged cheeses are famous all over the world and here at Caseificio Palazzo we can offer a wide range of options. Let’s find them out!

One of the most known and appreciated is Caciocavallo, both Silano DPO (DOP in italian), and smoked caciocavallo. The first one is manufactured and aged through a standard process, following procedures and requirements of the Protection Consortium, whose brand is marked by fire on the cheese itself as a proof of genuineness.

Smoked Caciocavallo undergoes a smoking process and gets an intense and persistent flavour and an amber color.

The name Caciocavallo refers to the ancient, and still used technique of hanging the cheeses to dry in pairs across a beam, like they are on horseback (“cacio” means cheese and “cavallo” is the italian word for horse).

Another delicious Italian hard cheese is Cacioricotta; compact and soft, it preserves all the taste of Apulian culinary tradition. Sheep’s or cow’s milk can be used, depending on circumstances, and the process of making it is halfway between cheese and ricotta, which gives it a unique taste and consistency.

Last but not least, Pecorino cheese Gran Murgiano deserves a special mention. Its name origins from the territory it is made in the Murgia area, in the province of Bari (Puglia). It is a typical product, made from sheep’s milk, and one of the most appreciated Italian hard cheeses. The distinctive flavour and taste are the result of an aging process that lasts at least three months.

Aged cheeses are exquisite alone, in combination with cold cuts or grated to garnish different pasta dishes. They are also irresistible with honey or jams, as their sweetness contrasts perfectly with the strong taste of the cheeses.