Caciocavallo pugliese: smoked caciocavallo

Our best smoked caciocavallo pugliese

Caciocavallo pugliese: smoked caciocavallo

This variant of Caciocavallo is an hard cheese dedicated to the intense taste lovers. Other than being aged, it is smoked in order to enhance the flavour, which is therefore more solid and persistent.

Murgella’s smoked caciocavallo is made using cow’s milk from dairy farms in the territory and the smoking process exposes the cheese to the smoke of certified wood shavings. In this way it also takes on a tawny, distinctive colour.

Caciocavallo name itself probably derives from the habit of hanging the cheese (tied in pairs) over a beam, like a rider boots when horseback riding. In fact, “cacio” is an Italian variant for cheese, while “cavallo” stands for horse.

It is important to bear in mind that the making of smoked Caciocavallo follows two different procedures. One is the traditional manufacturing, including the ripening process, while the other is the smoking.

A seductive and irresistible aroma, converted in an adorable taste once in your mouth.

Perfect for any kind of culinary use, the smoked Caciocavallo is exquisite either way: natural, with all its genuine flavour, combined with cold cuts (especially prosciutto and lonza) or honeydew honey, in order to emphasize the taste contrast.

In addition to being a delight for the palate, a smoked Caciocavallo is a natural nutrient supplier and represents an important element of the Mediterranean diet.

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0907Smoked caciocavallo1,5kg (about)Carton2
0913Spicy caciocavallo2kg (about)Carton2