Bocconcini and mozzarella ciliegine: small mozzarella balls and pearls

Enrich your salads and meals with the great taste of fresh mozzarella

Bocconcini and mozzarella ciliegine: small mozzarella balls and pearls

Mozzarella is one of the most typical products of Puglia region. This fresh and stretched-curd cheese features a white outer shell and a creamy and delicate heart, for an ultimate flavour experience.

Bocconcini, also known as mozzarella balls or pearls as their shape resembles that of cherries and cherry tomatoes, are one of the most present products in the Puglia cuisine.

Mozzarella balls and pearls are produced with cow milk and feature a typical white color and a delicate flavour. Thanks to their simplicity, mozzarella cheese balls and mozzarella pearls are always perfect on their own but are also great if accompanied by bruschetta or cold cuts. Bocconcini are always a success.

Bocconcini are often used as the main ingredient of numerous recipes, including savoury pies, oven baked pasta and much more. Mozzarella pearls are also very much loved by kids.

Mozzarella balls produced by Caseificio Palazzo follow one of the most antique Puglia recipes, and are always perfect if accompanied by fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

Due to the absence of animal rennet for its production, our bocconcini and mozzarella pearls have been certified as a vegetarian product by the “Associazione Vegetariana Italiana” (Italian Vegetarian Association).

CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS box
1104Ciliegine (30g)450gPP Cups5
1108Gustosa di latte450gPP Cups5
0161Boccone ciuffo (bag)200gPP Bag5
0165Boccone ciuffo (bag)450gPP Bag3
CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS box
4102Boccone200g (2x100g)PP tray5
4162Ciliegine (15g)200gPP tray5
CodeProductNet weightPackagingWeight/PS box
7101Boccone*100g (about)PP tray + PS box1kg (about)
7102Boccone*200g (about)PP tray + PS box1,2kg (about)
7103Boccone*300g (about)PP tray + PS box1,2kg (about)
7161Ciliegine15g (about)PP tray + PS box1,2kg (about)
7162Ciliegine30g (about)PP tray + PS box1,2kg (about)
0101Boccone*100g (about)PP tray + PS box3kg (about)
0102Boccone*200g (about)PP tray + PS box3kg (about)

* In paper bag