Nodini mozzarella: the typical knot shaped fresh cheese

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Nodini mozzarella: the typical knot shaped fresh cheese

Nodini mozzarella are one of the most loved mozzarella cheese characterized by knot-like shape. Compared to traditional mozzarella, nodini are pleasantly chewy. Their shiny and soft shape features a fresh milky flavour.

Nodini cheese are one of the most beloved Puglia and Italian dairy products, perfect on their own or in combination with other ingredients, including fresh vegetables and cold cuts.

Thanks to their small knot shapes, nodini mozzarella are perfect as an entry at any time.

Especially in summer, nodini cheese are the ideal ingredient for caprese salad, combined with fresh tomatoes, basil, with a light touch of extra virgin olive oil and a bit of salt.

Before being served as for many other fresh and seasoned cheeses, nodini mozzarella should be kept at room temperature for about thirty minutes, to enjoy its delicate and milky flavour.

Nodini mozzarella are a typical summer product, perfect if accompanied by fresh white wines, such as Greco di Tufo, Falanghina e or Fiano.

As no animal rennet is used for their production, Nodini have been certified as vegetarian by the “Associazione Italiana Vegetariana” (Italian Vegetarian Association).

CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS box
1102Nodino300g (6x50g)PP Cup6
CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS box
4111Nodino200g (4x50g)PP tray5
CodeProductNet weightPackagingWeight/PS box
7109Nodino in water50g (about)PP tray + PS box1,2kg (about)
0111Nodino*100g (about)PP tray + PS box3kg (about)
7111Nodino*100g (about)PP tray + PS box1,2kg (about)
0112Nodino*200g (about)PP tray + PS box3kg (about)
7112Nodino*200g (about)PP tray + PS box1,2kg (about)

* In paper bag