Mozzarella pizza and pizzeria: choose the best mozzarella

Murgella's mozzarella for pizza and pizzeria are made with the finest ingredients and the best Italian milk

Mozzarella pizza and pizzeria: choose the best mozzarella

The fundamental and irreplaceable ingredient of every high quality pizza, our best mozzarella for pizza follows the strict process to be perfect when cooked in the oven.

Thanks for the accurate selection of ingredients (milk only), our mozzarella pizza has all the characteristics that enhance one of the most symbolic Italian dishes: pizza.

Our fresh mozzarella for pizza has been used in world’s famous pizzeria. Rich in high quality milk, our mozzarella pizza makes the dough tasty and rich in flavour. Our mozzarella pizza is more stringy than the classic mozzarella and for this reason it is perfect when combined with tomato sauce and other high quality pizza ingredients.

Caseificio Palazzo, one of the best producers of fresh mozzarella for pizza, is proud of offering the best mozzarella pizza: featuring a rich and delicate taste at the same time.

By using ad hoc processes, Caseificio Palazzo has been producing fresh mozzarella pizza for the best pizzeria in the world. Thanks to its delicate and rich flavour, Murgella mozzarella pizza, is perfect if cut in cubes or julienne, and it melts just in the right moment for a sublime and all Italian flavour.

Because of the absence of animal rennet, our mozzarella for pizza and pizzeria has been certified as a vegetarian product by the “Associazione Vegetariana Italiana” (The Italian Vegetarian Association).

CodeProductNet weightPackagingWeight/PS box
0141Mozzarella per pizzeria200g (about)PP + PS Container4kg (about)
0142Mozzarella Julienne2,5kg (about)PP + PS Container2,5kg (about)
0144Filone per pizzeria1kg (about)PP + PS Container3kg (about)