The new image of Caseificio Palazzo SpA

The new image of Caseificio Palazzo SpA

Designing the visual identity for Caseificio Palazzo means putting together a history of over sixty years in the production of fresh and seasoned dairy products, with the strategic choices made over the years which led to a company that distributes its products all over the world.

Since we were a small laboratory producing for the local market to the current worldwide logistics network, our values have not changed: simple ingredients and careful craftsmanship, respect for tradition and quality standards at the highest levels. This is why we say that in our products there is the culture of a territory and the history of a family. The aim of the rebranding was to provide a uniform image to all brands of the company which relates to Caseificio Palazzo SpA, while maintaining the specificity of each product line. The new logos are based on the history of the company, the importance of family management, its strong connection with the Murgia area and its wide product range.

The two pictograms of Caseificio Palazzo and Murgella have been created to highlight the family character of the company in the first instance. Although using a contemporary graphic language, the letters of the monograms recall the battlements of the historic coat of arms of Putignano (Bari) where the company is still located.

The monogram “CP” consists in the interweaving of the two letters that refer to the stylized cherry tomato which used to represent the old name “Palazzo Latticini”.

The “M” of Murgella is composed of three elements that enclose three characteristics of the product line: the trulli, symbol of Puglia in the world, the interweaving as a reference to the link between the Palazzo family and the territory, and a drop, iconic of the reference product sector, the dairy sector.