Organic cheese

Our selection of organic cheese

Organic cheese

Organic is the new frontier of food and the word is spreading out very fast. It is a synonym of healthy and sustainable and it really is, as a matter of fact.

This scenario also applies to dairy products and organic cheeses. Organic Murgella cheeses, produced in the factory Caseificio Palazzo, are the result of a severely controlled and certified supply chain.

The use of high quality local cow’s or sheep’s milk is mandatory and precise procedures must be followed in order to make an organic cheese. New techniques join a centennial tradition in order to keep the original taste and genuineness untouched.

Our purpose is to offer a product characterized by an undisputed quality, a rich taste and a fresh consistency.

We can talk about burrata, an organic cheese obtained through a rigorous manufacturing process that guarantees a first choice product: taste at its best and a unique consistency, able to delight and seduce any kind of palate.

Treccia di mozzarella and smoked scamorza are other organic choices. The first one is a handmade braid of mozzarella, a fanciful variant of classic mozzarella. Smoked scamorza has an intense and distinctive taste, thanks not only to an accurate smoking process (using certified wood shavings), but also to the organic milk collected from Apulian factories that gives a specific and palatable flavour to the cheese.

Organic means not only healthy but also good and tasty, because it is thanks to the high quality of raw materials that we can experience the real taste of nature.