Organic fresh mozzarella: treccia mozzarella

The best organic fresh mozzarella

Treccia di mozzarella is among the most loved organic cheeses of the Apulian tradition, not only for its natural and delicate taste, but also for the soft and rubbery texture.

Organic treccia di mozzarella, or braided fresh mozzarella cheese, is a fresh cheese variant of fresh mozzarella produced at Caseificio Palazzo and it is obtained using exclusively fresh cow’s milk from local farms. A traditional process is followed in order to obtain a white and sweet spun paste, combined with a remarkable sapidity.

The braid shape is modeled by the hands of Caseificio Palazzo’s expert cheese makers and finally brought to your table to satisfy any kind of palate.

The best way to enjoy an organic treccia di mozzarella is eating it au naturel, as its delicious taste gives the best when eaten alone. However it is also exquisite in combination with fresh seasonal vegetables or cold cuts, like prosciutto (ham). It is a typical appetizer to prepare the palate for receiving a tasty and savory food.

A great classic, suitable for kids and adults, an organic treccia of mozzarella is the perfect choice to add quality, tradition and a touch of genuineness to any kind of meal.

CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS container
0792Treccia di mozzarella200gPP cup10 Cups

CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS container
4792Treccia di mozzarella200g (2x100g)PP container5 Containers

Natural whey culture, the true secret of handmade quality mozzarella.