Organic burrata

The best organic burrata

Organic burrata

The creamier the better! A motto suitable for promoting the tastiness and the incredible mouthful satisfaction felt in every bite of organic burrata.

Burrata is a stretched curd cheese, characterized by a white soft paste, filled with an incredible creamy stuffing, called stracciatella (a mix of torn mozzarella paste and cream).

How organic burrata is made

Burrata pugliese is a quite recent cheese, as its first production dates back to the early decades of the 20th century in the province of Bari. Nevertheless, its fame rose rather fast and now it is considered one the most requested specialties from Puglia.

Organic burrata is the top quality variant of the cheese, because it needs to comply with specific requirements both for raw material and manufacturing procedures. It is made by hand and subject to very attentive and meticulous controls, in order to offer a genuine taste and a unique, intense flavor.

Murgella organic burrata, produced at Caseificio Palazzo, is so appreciated worldwide that has been awarded with a Bronze medal in its category at the Nantwich Show 2017.

Best way to serve an organic burrata

A rich yet delicate flavor makes burrata a perfect choice for different combinations, able to satisfy all the tablemates.

It is exquisite when eaten on its own or combined with fresh vegetables, but can also be very palatable with a drizzle of evo olive oil and a basil leaf on top of it.

CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS box
0799Burratina100gPP Cup10
CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS box
4799Burratina200g (2x100g)PP Tray5