Spizzico of organic scamorza affumicata

The best organic smoked scamorza

Spizzico of organic scamorza affumicata

Delicious bites of taste, organic spizzico of smoked scamorza hold in their little shape all the flavour of a natural smoking process.

By exposing the cheese to the smoke of certified wood shavings, it is possible to obtain a distinctive flavour and a characteristic tawny color, typical of a genuine aromatic cheese.

They can suit anyone, being exquisite on their own or combined with other food, like prosciutto (ham) or fresh vegetables, as an aperitif or an appetizer. However, one of the best way to enjoy organic spizzico of smoked scamorza is to grill or bake them wrapped in bacon or speck (smoked ham) slices.

They are also ideal to prepare sandwiches or to add a touch of savour to a salad.

The organic cheese variant proposed by Caseificio Palazzo can guarantee the highest quality, using local fresh cow’s milk only and certified beech wood for the smoking process. In this way it is possible to keep all the natural taste of milk, enhanced by the unique smell of smoke.

Thanks to their versatility, the morsels of scamorza can be served during a lunch, a dinner, an aperitif, in order to whet the appetite, satisfying any kind of palate with their intense, but still delicate, fragrance.

A  different, practical and fanciful interpretation of scamorza, organic spizzico are also a refined ingredient to complete a first course recipe, be it pasta or risotto.

CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS container
0765Spizzico di scamorza affumicato 30g (smoked)200gPP cup10 Cups
CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS container
4765Spizzico di scamorza affumicato 30g (smoked)200gPP container5 Containers