Ingot of aubergine parmigiana

Ingot of aubergine parmigiana

For 4 servings

  • 1 aubergine
  • 80g stracciatella di burrata
  • 100g mortadella
  • 2 ladles of tomato sauce
  • Basil (as required)
  • Fig vincotto (as required)


Cut the aubergine in rectangular pieces and sprinkle with salt until it loses some of its juice (to be re-used later). Rinse well and dab with paper towel. Cover the aubergines with oil and cook on medium heat on all sides. Put a tablespoon of fig vincotto in the aubergine juice. Stir the mixture and apply to the aubergine with a brush while cooking. This procedure will give a caramelizing effect to the aubergine and give it a crunchy exterior but tender interior. Place it in a serving dish, over the mortadella, strands of stracciatella and (on the side) a ladle of tomato sauce. Complete with fresh basil.

A classic aubergine parmigiana with a contemporary flare.