Smoked burratina with Swiss chard, garlic, olive oil and chili peppers

For 4 servings

  • 4 balls of smoked burrata cheese, 100g each
  • 4 bunches of tender chard
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 4 chili peppers

Cut off the top part of the smoked burratina and empty half of the content. On the side, stir-fry the Swiss chard (parboil it first) in oil, garlic and chili peppers, with a pinch of salt. Stuff the smoked burratina with some Swiss chard leaves and serve with a wafer of toasted bread. Serve on the side, the rest of the smoked burrata centre, drizzled with the oil from the Swiss chard preparation.

This course is a hot starter for colder seasons. Served with Apulian bread bruschetta, this is a simple dish, and in some ways, a bit unusual. Ideal for brunch, lunch break or cocktail hour.