Scamorza: best Italian scamorza cheese

Scamorza affumicata and scamorza bianca Murgella

Scamorza: best Italian scamorza cheese

Scamorza is a stretched-curd cheese, made with cow’s milk. Its name originates from the Italian verb “scamozzare”, which means removing a part.

Particularly known in Southern Italian regions, scamorza is one of the most traditional Italian cheeses.

Scamorza features a thin external white layer, while its heart is compact and elastic, of a light colour. Its pear-shaped form is obtained through manual making of this cheese. Scamorza features an extremely delicate and a bit sweet flavour, with a slight taste of fresh milk.

Two types of scamorza, scamorza bianca or plain scamorza and scamorza affumicata or smoked scamorza, are the most popular varieties of this traditional cheese.

The white or plain scamorza is a result of a traditional manual working, while the smoked scamorza is a result of the natural smoking process. Nowadays, the traditional pear shape can also be obtained by using a mechanical system.

These two types are not only different for their color, lightly brown in case of smoked scamorza, but also for the taste, which is more stronger as well.

Scamorza is perfect on its own, but can also be used in a variety of regional dishes, such as numerous savoury pies, perfect to be tasted at any time of the year.

Caseificio Palazzo has been producing numerous types and formats of scamorza, including spizzico of scamorza bianca(small morsels of scamorza) and spizzico di scamorza affumicata, treccia di scamorza (braided scamorza), piattella (round and flat scamorza) and the typical Caciopalazzo.