Caciopalazzo is a real product of excellence, one of the most traditional and unique variations of traditional scamorza. Caciopalazzo is a stretched-curd cheese made with the high quality regional cow milk.

Both white and smoked Caciopalazzo are a variety of traditional pear-shaped smoked scamorza and plain scamorza, but the main difference is in its weight, which is about 1 kg per caciopalazzo. As for its traditional version, Caciopalazzo is made following rigorous and traditional processes.

Thanks to its delicate taste and solid texture, Caciopalazzo is perfect on its own as an entry or can be an accompanying dish to bruschetta or prosciutto crudo. Smoked Caciopalazzo is excellent if slightly grilled before being consumed.

Thanks to its high nutritional values, Caciopalazzo is one of the most loved stretched-curd cheeses, that can be perfectly paired with traditional red wines.

CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS box
0315Plain Caciopalazzo (Pear-shaped)1kg (about)PS box4
0318Plain Caciopalazzo (Pear-shaped)1kg (about)PS box4