Ciambella of scamorza cheese

Ciambella of scamorza cheese

The typical flavour of smoked scamorza is paired with the shape of Italian ciambella or doughnut for an original format of one of the most traditional and loved cheeses.

This is probably one of the most interesting variations of the classic scamorza: its doughnut-like shape still preserves the traditional taste and freshest ingredients of scamorza, a regional stretched-curd cheese, made with cow milk.

The experts of Caseificio Palazzo use specific stamps in order to create the perfectly rounded shape and still offer the best flavour of one of the most traditional Italian cheeses.

Perfect for informal or more special occasions, Ciambella doughnut-like scamorza could be served as an entry or as an accompanying dish to many regional recipes. Your options are truly limitless thanks to its original taste and traditional nutritional values!

Thanks to the natural rapid smoking process, which gives to the product a typical but delicate smoked taste, Ciambella doughnut-shaped scamorza by Murgella, can be paired with Italian white or red wines, for the ultimate experience.

CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS box
0221Smoked scamorza Ciambella (braided)2,5kg (about)PP tray + PS box1