Filone of scamorza cheese

Filone of scamorza cheese

If you like scamorza affumicata, you will love the intense and soft flavor of smoked scamorza filone, a typical stretched curd cheese of the Apulian culinary tradition. Its distinctive cone shape is ideal to be cut in slices and served in different ways.

The “filone” keeps all the real taste and texture of the original plain scamorza but due to the smoking process its flavour is more consistent. To make a perfect filone it is necessary to use high quality cow’s milk and follow precise production processes. That is why Murgella’s smoked scamorza like any other type of mozzarella from Puglia, stands out as one of the most sophisticated and appreciated cheese.

Plain, grilled or as a topping: different ways to enjoy a filone of smoked scamorza.

A pleasure for sight and taste, filone of smoked scamorza appears as a tawny cone with a soft, rubbery texture that offers a persistent aroma.

By virtue of its shape and typical flavour it can be combined with different foods and garnishes: easy to cut in slice, it is suitable to being grilled or cooked on the barbecue, enjoyed plain or with cold cuts and season vegetables, used as a topping for pizza and bruschetta.

It is also a sophisticate ingredient for creative recipes.

For the most demanding palates, filone of scamorza affumicata can be oven-baked and combined with truffle and a glass of soft white wine.

CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS box
0201Plain Filone (Cylinder-shaped) in net2kg (about)PP tray + PS box1
0203Smoked Filone (Cylinder-shaped) in net2kg (about)PP tray + PS box1