Maialino of scamorza cheese

Maialino of scamorza cheese

What would you do to make your children eat? Sometimes it is hard to provide them a balanced diet, especially when they need important elements for their body, like calcium. A great source of it are milk, hard cheese and soft cheese, but they are not always appreciated by the youngest.

That is why we created the maialino of scamorza affumicata, or smoked scamorza piglet, a handmade stretched curd cheese, variant of the classic scamorza cheeseshaped to resemble a piglet, ideal to whet children’s appetite and make a meal more convivial and cheerful, both for kids and grown-ups.

The scamorza piglet is not just an entertaining shape, it is also and above all a high quality food, made with fresh cow’s milk with a delicate flavor and a distinctive aroma.

The best way to taste it is raw, either the plain or the smoked type, but it can be combined with season vegetables or traditional Apulian cold cuts, like Capocollo di Martina Franca. It also matches perfectly with other specialties like tarallini or bruschetta.

Mialino di Scamorza, especially in its smoked version, is well-appreciated even cooked with prosciutto in a earthenware pot.

Revisiting the scamorza in a nice and enjoyable shape, without losing its quality, we can satisfy all our customers from the newbies to the more demanding palates.

CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS box
0602Plain Scamorza Piglet250g (about)PP tray + PS box10
0606Smoked Scamorza Piglet250g (about)PP tray + PS box10
7602Plain Scamorza Piglet100g (about)PP tray + PS box10
7606Smoked Scamorza Piglet100g (about)PP tray + PS box10