Spizzico of scamorza affumicata

A great variant of classic spizzico of plain scamorza, the smoked interpretation is something that scamorza lovers will go crazy for. Spizzico of smoked scamorza, known in italian as “spizzico di scamorza affumicata“, is a tiny morsel of stretched curd with an intense aroma and an undisputed taste.

The smoked flavour is obtained through a natural process, exposing the paste to the smoke of certified wood shavings, which also gives it that peculiar tawny (amber) colour.

Combining the use of the best ingredients with the traditional manufacturing process that’s been going on for three generations Caseificio Palazzo can offer a fresh genuine and exquisite product to all its customers.

In particular, spizzico of smoked scamorza can suit any occasion, being a perfect companion of cold cuts and vegetables, other than garnished with balsamic vinegar cream. They are ideal to complete and enrich appetizers or to make aperitifs tastier and more intriguing.

If you want to eat these smoked morsels at their best try them grilled (wait for them to start melting) and feel the elastic stringy paste filling and tickling your palate releasing a persistent intense but still delicate smoky flavour.

Tasting a spizzico is like eating tiny bites of smoked scamorza, but be careful: they are like cherries, one spizzico leads to another!

No animal rennet is used for our smoked spizzico, making it suitable for vegetarians. In fact, it has been certified as vegetarian by the Associazione Vegetariana Italiana (Italian Vegetarian Association).

Code Product Net weight Packaging Pieces/PS container
1065 Smoked spizzico 50 g (2×25 g) White bag in MAP 20 Bags *
1165 Smoked spizzico 200 g PP cup 10 Cups
1309 Mini spizzico affumicato 4 g (smoked) 200 g Small box + lm in ATP 10 Boxes

* in a display box

Code Product Net weight Packaging Pieces/PS container
4309 Smoked spizzico 210 g PP container 5 Containers
4507 Mini spizzico affumicato 4 gn(smoked) 200 g PP container 5 Containers
4509 Mini spizzico affumicato 4 gn(smoked) 400 g PP container 5 Containers
Code Product Net weight Packaging Weight/PS container
7309 Smoked spizzico 30 g (about) PP + PS container 1.2 kg (about)