Spizzico of scamorza bianca

Scamorza is one the most famous and appreciated types of cheese, a significant part of Italian (Apulia in particular) dairy tradition.

It is a product consumed all over the country and abroad. In fact it is so versatile that can be combined with almost any kind of salted food. That is why it is so loved and sought.

What is spizzico of plain scamorza and how is it made

For this reason, in order to make scamorza bianca even more versatile and usable in different ways, we had the idea of making it smaller, keeping all its taste and flavour, coming up with a very intriguing variant: the spizzico of plain scamorza.

Spizzico of plain scamorza is a tiny morsel of scamorza bianca, perfect to enhance an appetizers or to complete a beautiful caprese salad with a touch of intense taste.

Spizzico of scamorza bianca is also delicious if eaten one by one, alone or combined with vegetables (either cooked or raw), or cold cuts, in particular prosciutto (cured ham).

Just like classic scamorza, spizzico of plain scamorza is made of spun paste and has an intense but delicate flavour, which enhances the taste of any dish it is combined with.

This versatile variant keeps the high nutritional values and for this reason is also excellent as a snack, for both kids and adults.

The best way to enjoy a spizzico of plain scamorza

As we said already, scamorza can be eaten in many different ways, may it be grilled, oven-baked or raw. One of the most enjoyable recipes consists of spizzico of plain scamorza wrapped in speck or smoked prosciutto slices and then baked until it starts melting. It can be served warm as an appetizer.

Moreover our spizzico of plain scamorza does not contain animal rennet, being therefore suitable for vegetarians and certified by the Associazione Italiana Vegetariana (Italian Vegetarian Association).

Code Product Net weight Packaging Pieces/PS container
1064 Plain spizzico 50 g (2×25 g) Black bag in MAP 20 Bags *

* in a display box

Code Product Net weight Packaging Pieces/PS container
4308 Plain spizzico 210 g PP container 5 Containers
4506 Mini spizzico di scamorza bianca 4 g 200 g PP container 5 Containers
4508 Mini spizzico di scamorza bianca 4 g 400 g PP container 5 Containers
Code Product Net weight Packaging Weight/PS container
7308 Plain spizzico 30 g (about) PP + PS container 1.2 kg (about)