Treccia of scamorza affumicata: braided smoked scamorza

Treccia of scamorza affumicata: braided smoked scamorza

Pasta filata (stretched curd or spun paste) and the drying process are the ingredients that makes scamorza so delicious and tasteful, beautiful to see in its shape.

Moreover the shape of braided scamorza really matters as the feeling you can experience when biting that twisted paste is unique.

How the braiding is made

A savory variant of the classic smoked scamorza is the braided smoked scamorza (treccia of scamorza affumicata): a different interpretation, with a distinctive smoky flavour that persists when tasted. The smoking process is totally natural and it is obtained by exposing the paste to the smoke of certified wood shavings. The result is an intense, but still delicate, taste and a tawny color.

High quality cow’s milk only, no animal rennet and a manufacturing process still faithful to the original one of Casa Palazzo makes the treccia of smoked scamorza an excellence of Italian cuisine.

The process of making the treccia follows the one used for mozzarella but the stretched paste, instead of being put in a mould, is handcrafted. The expert and skillful hands of cheesemakers twist the paste in order to obtain a perfect and beautiful braid.

The best ways to enjoy a braid of smoked scamorza

As any type of scamorza also a smoked braid is extremely versatile: it is delicious raw, on its own, but there are several other combinations that can astound your palate.

Once chopped, it is perfect as a salad topping to enhance its taste or as a filling for a quiche o a savory pie.

You can also try the braided smoked scamorza grilled or oven-baked and served when it starts melting, best if combined with prosciutto (cured ham).

The braid of smoked scamorza from Caseificio Palazzo is a vegetarian cheese, as per certification by the Associazione Italiana Vegetariana (Italian Vegetarian Association).

CodeProductNet weightPackagingPieces/PS box
1212Braided smoked scamorza200gBag in MAP10
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4212Braided smoked scamorza200gPP tray5
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0212Braided smoked scamorza2,5kg (about)PP tray + PS container1
7212Braided smoked scamorza200g (about)PP tray + PS container5