Soft Italian cheese: best fresh cheese in Italy

Our soft and fresh cheese, our pride

Soft Italian cheese: best fresh cheese in Italy

Fresh Soft Italian cheese, with its delicate flavour and softness, is one of the main ingredients of multiple regional dishes. Starting from ricotta, often used for savory pies, pasta and many other recipes, soft cheese is an absolute favorite of all times.

Many people love soft Italian cheese as it combines perfectly the protein intake with a very delicate flavour, that is perfect to be tasted at any time of the day.

It is quite easy to distinguish Italian soft cheese from seasoned cheese: Soft cheese has an expiry date that is usually not more than 15 days, compared to seasoned cheese. On top of that, its color is quite different, usually milky white.

Among the most typical regional fresh soft cheeses there are ricotta and giuncata, that have been produced in the region for thousand years and are highly nutritious.

Giuncata is particularly known in Puglia region and it takes its name from the wooden mold made of reed (Giunco), used to stretch the cheese.

These days, despite the use of different materials, giuncata still holds the same qualities of the past: solid texture and a very sophisticated flavour. Giuncata is one of the most loved fresh Italian soft cheeses that has been produced by Caseificio Palazzo for decades.

Fresh ricotta produced by Caseificio Palazzo features its natural ingredients and a very delicate and slightly sweet flavour. Compared to giuncata, its consistency is very soft and it can be used in a variety of regional dishes, both sweet and savoury.