Vegetarian Italian cheese

Vegetarian cheeses: tasty and without animal rennet

Vegetarian Italian cheese

The philosophy behind Caseificio Palazzo is focused on the satisfaction of as many needs and demands as possible. The emphasis placed on different subjects is an important part of our business since 1957, when cheese masters started to handcraft typical cheeses from our beloved homeland Apulia, a real expression of a local culinary culture. Something we are definitely proud of.

To fulfill all of our customers need and taste, we are pleased to introduce you our vegetarian Italian cheese line. When it comes to our vegetarian cheese, our cheesemaking process exclude any animal rennet while the quality is kept at its highest level using local fresh cow’s and following traditional processes which made Murgella cheeses a reference point.

They are also marked with a V-Label (a certification awarded by Associazione Vegetariana Italiana, the Italian Vegetarian Association) to confirm the commitment to the vegetarian cause.

Here is a list of the vegetarian choices available.

  • Burrata pugliese: a handcrafted cheese, a joy for the palate. Soft, creamy and milky, it is filled with a delicious stuffing, called stracciatella, a name renowned worldwide. It is the emblem of how good and appreciated a certified vegetarian Italian cheese can be;
  • Smoked burrata: a tasty variant of the classic burrata, it differs from the latter for its intense, but still delicate flavour, conferred by a precise and traditional smoking process;
  • Mozzarella fiordilatte: a typical product, probably the most representative one; a stretched curd cheese characterized by a white color, a soft texture and a unique flavor, commonly known as fresh mozzarella;
  • Nodini of mozzarella: little knots of milk, a practical and fanciful variant of the classic mozzarella; Thanks to their size they are extremely versatile and therefore very appreciated;
  • Stracciatella di burrata: this is what makes burrata an incredible joy for the palate. Stracciatella is torn mozzarella ribbons carefully mixed with cream in order to obtain an homogenous and creamy consistency. Tasting it is the only true way to find out how incredible it is. It is delicious even alone or combined with a bruschetta or on top of a pizza;
  • Treccia di mozzarella or fresh mozzarella braid: the most representative vegetarian Italian cheese, Murgella braid is a hand-modeled spun paste, winner of the 25th edition of the World Cheese Awards 2013;
  • Plain scamorza or scamorza bianca: due to its particular pear shape, soft texture and perfect sapidity, it is one of the most popular vegetarian cheese, eaten natural or used in many traditional recipes;
  • Mozzarella for pizza and pizzeria: a simple cheese, created specifically for the icon of Italian cuisine: pizza;
  • Smoked scamorza: all the taste and the savour of the plain scamorza enhanced with a smoky flavor, obtained through a smoking process using certified wood shavings only. It is one of the tastiest vegetarian Italian cheese;
  • Piattella of scamorza: a variant of the classic scamorza, it is characterized by a circular and flat shape, perfect to be grilled or enjoyed au naturel;
  • Spizzico of plain or smoked scamorza: a typical variant, versatile and suitable to any occasion, it is loved by kids and grown-ups. Any morsel is a bite of taste and can be served natural, as an appetizer, or baked with grilled vegetables;
  • Treccia of smoked scamorza or smoked scamorza braid: this variant differs from the classic plain braid for its amber color, the thin rind and the delicate smoky flavour. An ideal appetizer, either grilled or baked.